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    In Las Vegas, casinos are allowed to bar players they suspect of counting. It's a frickin computer! Add a Poll to this Thread. November 3rd, at PM permalink. Give me a break, e blackjack. Update Cancel. How do casinos know if you are counting cards or not? Is it possible to card count and win at blackjack? However, e blackjack, if it's e blackjack IGT machine you are probably safe. Nov 11, 04, pm. I disagree but have no real basis for doing so. No way for me to change the title, is there?
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Electronic BlackJack -- Fixed?

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Have e blackjack apologise, butI obviously meant E-blackjack. Is blackjack card counting still possible today? I don't know who does the oversight in Indian casinos, but in places like Nevada, the Gaming Control Board keeps a close eye on all of the machines. To read more about card counting systems, check our latest blog post about the best card counting systems for blackjack! Build, battle, and barter through the ages of history to develop an empire in this award-winning game. Wisdom is the quality that keeps you out of situations where you would otherwise need it. They shuffle after every hand. Clarification Required. On a related note



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